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Sign: Alliance High School - Commemoration of Underground Movements in Tel Aviv

Yehieli St 5, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
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On the sign:
סמל העיר תל אביב
עיריית תל אביב יפו

תיכון אליאנס
שימש מטה הפיקוד העליון של האצ"ל במהלך המערכה על יפו במלחמת השחרור.
מכאן יצאו ב 25-29 באפריל 1948 פקודות ליחידה שלחמה לשחרור יפו.
מחצר הבניין נורו פגזי מרגמה כדי לזרז את כניעת העיר.

סמל העיר תל אביב
סמל האצ"ל

Alliance High School
housed the Etzel’s High Command during the Jaffa campaign in the War of Independence.
Between April 25-29, 1948, orders were issued from here to the combat unit engaged in the battle to liberate Jaffa.
Mortars were launched from the courtyard of the building to hasten Jaffa’s surrender.
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The sign is rectangular but its head is designed according to the emblem of the city of Tel Aviv

Today the building is used as the Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theater, see the photo of the building that day Click for a larger image

Next to this sign is another sign describing the new structure and its restoration, which states:
The "Kol Israel Haverim"
"Alliance" Boys’ School
The School was founded in Jaffa in 1889 by the "Bilu" Israel Belkind. Due to budget restrains the "Hovevei Tzion" And "Kol Israel Haverim" associations joined together and opened a boys’ school, with Meir Angel as headmaster. In 1902 the associations separated, and in 1908 the "Kol Israel Haverim" association erected the boys’ school on this site.
During the years of struggle for the establishment of the State of Israel, the school served as a centre of activity for the "Irgum Tzvai Leumi" ("etzel").
The school ceased functioning in 1976.
In 1989 the original facade of the building was restored, and on the joint initiative of the Dellal Family, the Tel Aviv Foundation, the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, and the Ministry of Culture and Education, the present building was renovated as part of the Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre.

Project and Structure Architects: Elisha & Ronit Rubin
Landscape and Public Squares Architects: Shlomo Aronson
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Translation of the text on the sign:
The emblem of the city of Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv Jaffa municipality

The emblem of the city of Tel Aviv
The emblem of the Etzel organization

The rest of the Hebrew text is translated to English on the sign

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