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The ultimate street signs, historical sites and house numbers

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1476 Tel Aviv - Heritage Sites in Israel - Yitzhak Sadeh’s House
Zikhron Kdoshim St 3, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
1477 Gan Yavne - Ha-Nitsakhon St 1
Ha-Nitsakhon St 1, Gan Yavne, Israel
1478 Ashkelon - The entrance sign to the city
Ashkelon North Junction, Israel
1479 Ashkelon - The intersection of HaNasi and Tsfanya streets
Tsfanya St 10, Ashkelon, Israel
1480 Ashkelon - Tsippori Street
Eli Cohen St 39, Ashkelon, Israel
1481 Ashkelon - Heritage Sites in Israel - Prophet Zephania’s Square
Tsfanya St 10, Ashkelon, Israel
1482 Holon - Israel Railroad - Wolfson Station
Wolfson railway station, Holon, Israel
1483 Gan Yavne - Kibuts Galuyot Street
Kibuts Galuyot St 2, Gan Yavne, Israel
1484 Gan Yavne -Warning about handling dog poo
Yehuda St 18, Gan Yavne, Israel
1485 Herzliya - Herzliya-Tel Aviv Road
Ben Gurion Blvd 1, Herzliya, Israel
1486 Ness Ziona - Flag trail - Founders House
Tel Aviv St 19, Ness Ziona, Israel
1487 Rosh HaAyin - The Projector of Yarkon Cinema
Ha-Rav Shalom Shabazi St 41, Rosh Haayin, Israel
1488 Jerusalem - The Zionist National Institutions Building
HaKeren HaKayemet Le-Israel St 1, Jerusalem, Israel
1489 Ramat Gan - Commemoration of the Underground - Beit HaEzrach
Bialik St 42, Ramat Gan, Israel
1490 Elad - The entrance sign to the city
Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi/City Entry, El’ad, Israel
1491 Elad - the city map
Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi/City Entry, El’ad, Israel
1492 Rosh HaAyin - Begin and Dan intersection
Begin Road/Dan, Rosh Haayin, Israel
1493 Rosh HaAyin - Yasmin Street
I’rit St 2, Rosh Haayin, Israel
1494 Ashkelon - Traffic Lights signs
Sderot Menachem Begin 2, Ashkelon, Israel
1495 Ashkelon - Heritage Sites in Israel - Ibrahim Pasha’s well
Eli Cohen St 27, Ashkelon, Israel
1496 Ashkelon - Neve Hadarim neighborhood
Eli Cohen St 38, Ashkelon, Israel
1497 Lod - Heritage Sites in Israel - The well of peace
Yerushalayim Ave, Lod, Israel
1498 Tel Aviv - Siman Tov street
Siman Tov St 2, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
1499 Lod - A direction sign pointing to sites in the city
Yerushalayim Ave 40, Lod, Israel
1500 Lod - Ha-Histadrut Street 15
Ha-Histadrut St 15, Lod, Israel

The ultimate street signs, historical sites and house numbers

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