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The ultimate street signs, historical sites and house numbers

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2476 Tel Aviv Orchard - Loquat
Bnei Dan St 8, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
2477 Holon - Egged Historical Vehicle Museum - Prominent attacks on buses
Moshe Dayan St 1, Holon, Israel
2478 Tel Aviv - Ecological Botanical Garden - hairy thorny broom
Herzl St 157, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
2479 Holon - Heritage Sites in Israel - "Barrel Line"
HaManor, Holon, Israel
2480 Holon - Story Garden - Sculptures tell children’s stories
Mota Gur St, Holon, Israel
2481 Negba - Givat Tom and Tomer - Pillar of Pigeons
Negba, Israel
2482 Netanya - Synagogue "Shonea Halachot"
Tif’eret Banim St 5, Netanya, Israel
2483 Tel Aviv Orchard - Avocado
Bnei Dan St 8, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
2484 Tel Aviv - "Trio" - Outdoor sculpture by Michael Gross
Beit Ariela Plaza, Sderot Sha’ul HaMelech 25, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
2485 Tel Aviv - Ecological Botanical Garden - Carob
Herzl St 157, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
2486 Rishon LeTsiyon - The Village Park - Eucalyptus Camaldulensis (2)
Rothschild St 21, Rishon LeTsiyon, Israel
2487 Givat Hen - Map of the Moshav
Pa’amei Aviv St 28, Givat Hen, Israel
2488 Nir Zvi - the intersection of Rimon and Eshel streets
Rimon/Eshel, Nir Tzvi, Israel
2489 Netanya - Synagogue "Shonea Halachot" - Kiddush levana
Tif’eret Banim St 5, Netanya, Israel
2490 Adanim - Derech HaKfar
Derech HaKfar 33, Adanim, Israel
2491 Latrun - a monument to the 7th Brigade and the history of the brigade
Israel National Trail
2492 Jerusalem - Mt. HaMenuchot - Map of the cemetery
Mt. HaMenuchot/Giv’at Sha’ul, Jerusalem, Israel
2493 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Discovery Tree Walk - Giant Sequoia
Givat Ram, Jerusalem, Israel
2494 Kiryat Ekron - The entrance sign to the settlement
Kfar Bilu B Intersection, Kiryat Ekron, Israel
2495 Tirat Yehuda - the intersection of Harimon and Argaman streets
Harimon St 43, Tirat Yehuda, Israel
2496 Tel Aviv - Lola Beer Ebner Sculpture Garden - "Window" - Micha Ullman
Tel Aviv Museum, 27 Shaul Hamelech Blvd., Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
2497 Tel Mond - Girls’ Square
Ha-Dekel St 31, Tel Mond, Israel
2498 Rehovot - Ayalon Institute - Map of Kibbutz Hill
David Fikes St 1, Rehovot, Israel
2499 Holon - Story Garden - About Dwarfs, Mushrooms and What Else
Mota Gur St 17, Holon, Israel
2500 Holon - Story Garden - My Uncle Simcha loves animals
Mota Gur St 15, Holon, Israel

The ultimate street signs, historical sites and house numbers

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