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876 Tel Aviv - Old Jaffa -2 Shimon Haburski Alley
2 Shim’on Ha’bursekai St, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
877 Hadera - a direction sign pointing to places in the city
Zahal/HaEcaliptus, Hadera, Israel
878 Nordia - The entrance sign to the town (2)
Margolin/HaMeyasdim Boulevard, Nordia, Israel
879 Kfar Shmaryahu- a direction sign pointing to places in the town
HaMapilim/Nordau, Kfar Shmaryahu, Israel
880 Tel Aviv - Sarona - Map of the complex
Aluf Albert Mendler St 2, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
881 Tzoran- The junction of the Ilan Streets and Derech Lev Hasharon and also the way to the Mikveh
Derech Lev HaSharon 9, Kadima Tzoran, Israel
882 Givat Yeshayahu - Direction sign and another sign that signifies attractions in the place
3544, Israel
883 Tel Aviv - Rambam Square
Nahalat Binyamin St 17, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
884 Ganei Tikva - a direction sign pointing to places in the town
Ha-Galil St 73, Ganei Tikva, Israel
885 Bat Yam - a memorial plaque to Jewish fighters in WWII
Ha’Atsmaut Blvd 23, Bat Yam, Israel
886 Holon - A direction sign for streets and neighborhoods in the city
Yerushalayim Blvd/Moshe Sharett, Holon, Israel
887 Tel Aviv - HaTarbut Square
Kikar HaBima 3, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
888 Sarah Levy-Tanai - Plaques of artists who lived in Tel Aviv
Yehieli St 6, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
889 Manshiya Zabda - The entrance sign to the settlement
75, Manshiya Zabda, Israel
890 Tel Aviv - Haim Landau Bridge
Giv’at HaTahmoshet St, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
891 Old Jaffa - The Consuls’ Neighborhood
Retzif HaAliya HaShniya St 20, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
892 Hadera - City map
Tsahal St 1, Hadera, Israel
893 Aharon Ashkenazi - Plaques of artists who lived in Tel Aviv
Kikar Kdumim 1, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
894 Gedera - Junction of Hazit Hadarom and Chazanov Streets
Hazit Hadarom St 3, Gedera, Israel
895 Beit Elazari - The sign for the moshav
Bet Elazari Intersection, Gedera, Israel
896 Kiryat Ekron - Shivat Tsiyon Street
Shivat Tsiyon St 2, Kiryat Ekron, Israel
897 Givat Brenner - The Kibbutz entrance sign
Unnamed Road, Givat Brenner, Israel
898 Old Jaffa - Wishing Bridge
Segev St 294, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
899 Tel Aviv - Jaffa - The Clock Tower
HaShaon Square, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
900 Tel Aviv - Jaffa - A memorial plaque to the Etzel victims on the clock tower
HaShaon Square, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

The ultimate street signs and house numbers site

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