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3301 Ramla - "Moses with the Tablets of Stone" outdoor sculpture by Richard Shiloh
Ha-Hagana Garden, Ha-Hagana St 12-14, Ramla, Israel
3302 Netanya - First Absorption in the Homeland (Esther Cinema Building)
Kikar HaAtsmaut, Netanya, Israel
3303 Jaljulia - 108 Street
108 St 1, Jaljulia, Israel
3304 Jaljulia - 1, 108 Street
108 St 1, Jaljulia, Israel
3305 Jerusalem - The Hebrew University - Draped Seated Figure - Outdoor sculpture by Henry Moore
Givat Ram, Jerusalem, Israel
3306 Kiryat Ekron - Walking route
HaSavyonim St 8, Kiryat Ekron, Israel
3307 Nofekh - Tarshish St 26
Tarshish St 26, Nofekh, Israel
3308 Rinatya - Map of the moshav
Derekh ha-Sigalyon 66, Rinatya, Israel
3309 Hadera - Municipal Market Square
Herbert Samuel St 85, Hadera, Israel
3310 Jerusalem - W. Bush Plaza
Ben Sira St 48, Jerusalem
3311 Tel Hashomer Hospital- Sculpture Garden - "Is the tree the field.." Jack Jano outdoor sculpture
Tel Hashomer hospital, Ramat Gan, Israel
3312 Ramat Hasharon - The Fields Trail - The year 1922
Lekhi St 39, Ramat Hasharon, Israel
3313 Shefayim - The shoemaker’s hut
Shefayim, Israel
3314 Holon - Woman Garden - "Giving" - Tanya Preminger’s outdoor sculpture
Mikve Yisrael St 4, Holon, Israel
3315 Savyon - Beit Harishonim
Ha-Rishonim St 1, Savyon, Israel
3316 Savyon - direction sign for Beit Rishonim
HaShikma St 1, Savyon, Israel
3317 Savyon - Map of the locality
HaShikma St 5, Savyon, Israel
3318 Kfar Saba - The Tree Path - Washingtonia Filifera
Ben Gurion St 45, Kefar Sava, Israel
3319 Herzliya - Reichman University - "Deuteronomy" - Outdoor sculpture by Dina Recanati
Reichman University, Herzliya, Israel
3320 Jerusalem - The bell garden - Upright Motive - Outdoor sculpture by Henry Moore
King David St, Jerusalem, Israel
3321 Bat Yam - Jerusalem Beach - Tsunami Hazard Zone
Rothschild St 26, Bat Yam, Israel
3322 Jerusalem - Hansen House
Gdalyahu Alon St 14, Jerusalem, Israel
3323 Ramat Gan - the national park - Furcraea selloa
The National Park, Ramat Gan, Israel
3324 Ramat Gan - the national park - Brazilian peppertree
The National Park, Ramat Gan, Israel
3325 Tel Aviv - 70 to Israel - Blue and White Art
Tarsat Ave 2, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

The ultimate street signs, historical sites and house numbers site

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