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Sign: Ramat Gan - Monument to Dov Gruner

Zeev Jabutinsky Rd 118, Ramat Gan, Israel
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On the sign:
סמל העיר רמת גן
עיריית רמת-גן

[צילום של האנדרטה סמוך לזמן הקמתה]
צלם: לא ידוע

אנדרטת דב גרונר
האנדרטה שהוצבה בשנת 1954 ממוקמת באופן סמלי ברחבה שמול בניין המשטרה.
הַפֶּסֶל, יצירתה של הפסלת חנה אורלוף, מתאר את המאבק בין האריה - סמלה של האימפריה הבריטית, לכפיר - סמלו של היישוב העברי.
האנדרטה מוקדשת לשלושת חיילי האצ"ל, שנפלו בהתקפה על בניין המשטרה הבריטית ולדב גרונר, שנתפס פצוע והיה לסמל המאבק בשלטון הבריטי. גרונר הועלה לגרדום בכלא עכו באפריל 1947 ביחד עם חיילי אצ"ל נוספים: מרדכי אלקחי, יחיאל דב דרזנר ואליעזר קשאני.

בית קריניצי
בית העיר רמת-גן

[Photo of the monument near the time of its construction]
Photographer: Unknown

This monument, which was erected in 1954, is symbolically located in the plaza across from the police station. The sculpture, the work of sculptor Chana Orloff, depicts the struggle between a lion-symbolizing the British Empire, and a young cub - symbolizing the Jewish Yishuv (settlement).
The monument is dedicated to the three Etzel soldiers who were killed in the attack on the British police station and to Dov Gruner who was caught wounded, and became a symbol of the struggle against the British rule. Gruner was one of those hangea in the gallows in the Akko prison in April 1947, together with other Etzel soldiers: Mordechai Elkachi, Yechiel Dov Dresner and Eliezer Kashani.

Krinitzi House
Ramat Gan City House
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The sign is one of a series of signs posted by the Ramat Gan Municipality and the Krinitzi House - the Ramat Gan City House that tells the historical story of Ramat Gan

In the next photo taken that day, the statue is displayed and in front of it is the full sign Click for a larger image
Click for a larger image

On the basis of the statue are the following words:
The Etzel / Lehi / Nili emblem

In memory of the gallows who fought in the foreign rule for the rebellion of Israel
Naiman Belkind - Nili Damascus - 1917
Yosef Lishansky - Nili Damascus - 1917
Shlomo Ben Yosef - Irgun Fortress of Acre - 1938
Mordechai Schwartz - Defense of the Acre Fort - 1938
Eliyahu Beit Tzuri - Lehi Cairo - 1948
Eliyahu Hakim - Lehi Cairo - 1948
Meir Feinstein - Lehi Prison in Jerusalem - 1947
Avshalom Habib - Etzel Fortress of Acre - 1947
Meir Nekar - Irgun Fortress of Acre - 1947
Click for a larger image

Those who are going to die make you a homeland
David Raziel
Click for a larger image

In the Blade of the powerful rebellion fire ignite
Ze’ev Jabotinsky
Click for a larger image

The emblem of the Irgun
To the soldiers of the National Military Organization
Dov Gruner
A gallows in the Acre Fort in 16.4.1947
Finerman Israel - Sergeant Ehud / Zlotnik Yaakov - Nimrod / Bilu Yitzhak - Soldier Yitzhak
Fall on Occupation of Arms in Attack on This Fortress of British Police in 23.4.1946
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The Ramat Gan police building, which in its attack, fell in battle and captured the Irgun soldiers is across the street and is marked with its own sign Click for sign's details

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