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Sign: Tel Aviv - London Garden - The story of the illegal immigration - The ship "Struma"

London Garden, HaYarkon St 93, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
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On the sign:
בשנת 1941 ערך הארגון הפשיסטי - רומני "משמר הברזל" פוגרומים רצחניים ביהודים. הנרדפים עשו ניסיונות נואשים להימלט לארץ-ישראל, המפלט האחרון. בסוף השנה יצאו מנמל קונסטנצה שברומניה 769 מעפילים והגיעו לאיסטנבול באניית מפרשים ישנה עם מנוע פגום, בשם "סטרומה". הבריטים הודיעו לממשלה הטורקית כי הפליטים לא יורשו להיכנס לארץ-ישראל. לאחר תקופת המתנה של למעלה מחודשיים בנמל, נגררה הספינה חזרה לים השחור. כעבור מספר שעות נשמע פיצוץ עז. היא נפגעה מטיל ששוגר מצוללת סובייטית שלא זיהתה אותה. הספינה טבעה על כל נוסעיה. אדם אחד בלבד ניצל.

In 1941, the Romanian fascist organization "Iron Guard" led murderous anti-Jewish pogroms. The persecuted Jews made desperate attempts to flee to Eretz Israel, their last resort. At the end of the year, 769 Ma’apilim (illegal immigrants) sailed from the port of Constanța in Romania and arrived in Istanbul on a sailing ship called "Struma". The British authorities informed the Turkish government that the refugees would not be permitted to enter Palestine. After a period of over two months spent in the port, the ship was towed back into the Black Sea. An explosion occurred several hours afterwards. "Struma" was hit by torpedo launched from a Soviet submarine that had failed to identify the ship correctly. Only one survivor was pulled from the water, as the ship sank into the sea.
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Part of the story of the "illegal immigration" that stretches along the silhouettes of the Ships in London Garden.

The following picture shows the series in which the current sign is on one side of the ships in the London Garden Click for a larger image

The sign reads a obituary and a call for a curfew issued by the Tel Aviv Municipality, which reads:
Tel Aviv Municipality
Municipal Ad No. 6
The mourning victims of "Struma "
The National Institutions and the Tel Aviv Municipality decided to demonstrate today, Thursday, February 26, 1942, the mourning of the Yishuv for the great tragedy that befell the people of Israel with the deaths of the illegal immigrants who perished on the ship "Struma" hoping to reach a safe shore in the homeland of Israel and the protest of closing the gates of the land before them
In declaring the cancellation of work in all branches of life, in craft, industry, trade and traffic
From 12 noon to 7 pm there will be a break in all industries, commerce and schools will close.
At 1 p.m., all public and private vehicle traffic will stop
From that hour on, everyone will commit to
Internal curfew
And all city dwellers are required
stay in their homes and without going outside
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In Holon is Struma Square dedicated to the victims of the ship Click for sign's details, Click for sign's details

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