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26 Neve Yarak - Heritage Sites in Israel - The Water Tower
Ha-Zayit St 120, Neve Yarak, Israel
27 Heritage Sites in Israel - Hill 69 and the water towers
Be’er Tuvya Regional Council, Israel
28 Givat Hen - The Water Tower
Shirati St 33, Givat Hen, Israel
29 Negba - Heritage Sites in Israel - The water tower in Negba
Negba, Israel
30 Hadera - Historical photos - The water tower and the pool
HaGiborim St 50, Hadera, Israel
31 Negba -The Water Tower
Negba, Israel
32 Holon - Moledet neighborhood - Water Tower
Holon, Israel
33 Be’er Tuvia - Heritage Sites in Israel - The large water pool
Ha-Rishonim St, Be’er Tuvia, Israel
34 The Main Signal Station (2) - Commemoration of Underground Movements in Tel Aviv
Maze St 36, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
35 Kfar Saba - Heritage Sites in Israel - The first water tower in the colony
Ze’ev Geler St 7, Kefar Sava, Israel
36 Yad Mordechai - A story in pictures of the history of the water tower
Unnamed Road, Yad Mordechai, Israel
37 Bitan Aharon - The story of the water tower
Derech Hailanot 5, Bitan Aharon, Israel
38 Ramat David - Heritage Sites in Israel - The Water Tower
Ramat David, Israel
39 Givat Haim Ihud - Water tower
Giv’at Hayim Ihud/Center, Givat Haim, Israel
40 Beit HaLevi - The water tower
231, Beit HaLevi, Israel
41 Rishon Lezion - The Water Tower
Rothschild St 22-28, Rishon LeTsiyon, Israel
42 Sarid - Heritage Sites in Israel - Water tower
Sarid, Israel

The ultimate street signs, historical sites and house numbers

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