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Sign: Holon - Story Garden - My Uncle Simcha loves animals

Mota Gur St 15, Holon, Israel
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On the sign:
דוֹדִי שׂמְחָה אוֹהֵב חַיּוֹת
סיפור: ע . הלל
פיסול: רות צרפתי

חַיוֹת !
זֶה מַה שֶׁדּוֹדִי שִׂמְחָה הֲכִי אוֹהֵב - מְאֹד !
וּבְעֶצֶם, אֶפְשָׁר לְהַגִּיד שָׁגַּם אוֹתִי הִדְבִּיק בַּ"מַּחֲלָה " הַזֹּאת ...

... אָכֵן דּוֹד שֶׁכָּזֶה, בֶּאֱמֶת זֶה מַזָל !
לֹא רַק בִּגְלַל הַחַיּוֹת - בִּכְלָל !

אִּי ! אֶצְלֵנוּ בַּבַּיִת שָׁמֵחַ מְאֹד ! -

אַקְוַרְיוּם שֶׁל זְכוּכִית עַל חַלוֹן נִצָּב
וּבוֹ מְרַקְּדִים שְׁנֵי דָגִים שֶׁל זָהָב.

מִתַּחַת לַמִּטָּה - עַכְבְּרונִים לְבָנִים
מְצִיצִים בְּאַרְבָּעָה קוֹלוֹת קְטַנִּים.

וְאֶפְרוֹחַ - אַוָּז
מִמֶּנִּי לֹא זָז (עַל - כַּן הֶחָתוּל הַסִּיאַמִי נִרְגָּז !)

וּבְקוֹל שׁוֹבָב
נוֹבֵחַ "הַב - הָב"
וּמִדַּי - רֶגַע - וָחֵצִי מַרְטִיב הַכְּלַבְלָב.

יַחַד עִם כָֹּל הַחַיּוֹת

כָּל - כָּךְ שְׂמֵחִים לִחְיוֹת !

סמל גן-סיפור
סמל העיר חולון

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One of the Story Gardens in Holon, gardens designed according to children’s books. This garden, which is located in the "Story Gardens Cluster" Click for sign's details

The garden with sculptures depicting the story was photographed that day Click for a larger image Click for a larger image

Ruth Zarfati is the designer of the zodiac signs in Old Jaffa Click for sign's details

Translation of the text on the sign:

My Uncle Simcha loves animals
Story: Ayin Hillel
Sculpture: Ruth Zarfati

Animals !
This is what my uncle loves the most - very much!
And in fact, it is possible to say that I was also infected with this "disease" ...

... Indeed, an uncle who is like that, it really is lucky!
Not just because of the animals - not at all!

We have a very happy home! -

Aquarium of glass stands on a window
In it two gold fish are danced.

Under the bed - white mice
Chirping in four tiny voices.

And a chick - a goose
He does not move from me (therefore the Siamese cat is annoyed!)

And in a playful voice
Bark "Hab - Hab"
And too - moment - and half the puppy wets.

And I,
Together with all animals

In my life
Everyone - so happy to live!

Garden-story symbol
The emblem of the city of Holon

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