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The ultimate street signs, historical sites and house numbers

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51 Giethoorn - direction sign for places in the area
Binnenpad 50, 8355 BT Giethoorn, Netherlands
52 Giethoorn - Giethoorn as refuge
Dominee T.O. Hylkemaweg 43, 8355 CE Giethoorn, Netherlands
53 Rotterdam - Delfshaven - Achterwater Street
Achterwater 3B, 3024 RD Rotterdam, Netherlands
54 Rotterdam - Delfshaven - Bag carrier’s house and Kraanhuis
Voorstraat 13, 3024 RS Rotterdam, Netherlands
55 Rotterdam - Delfshaven - Piet Heynstraat Street
Piet Heynstraat 8, 3024 RK Rotterdam, Netherlands
56 Rotterdam - Delfshaven - Wijdesteeg Street
Wijdesteeg 5, 3025 HZ Rotterdam, Netherlands
57 Rotterdam - Delfshaven - Picture of the painter Kees van Dongen while painting
Aelbrechtskolk 13, 3025 HA Rotterdam, Netherlands
58 Boxtel - Sign indicating the merger of Boxtel and Liempde
Rechterstraat 17, 5281 BS Boxtel, Netherlands
59 Boxtel - Sign indicating that the city is independent and subordinate to the Holy Roman Empire
Burgakker 17, 5281 CH Boxtel, Netherlands
60 Schiedam - Names on the sidewalk (2)
Hoogstraat 112, 3111 HL Schiedam, Netherlands
61 Schiedam - Names on the sidewalk (3)
Hoogstraat 182, 3111 HG Schiedam, Netherlands

The ultimate street signs, historical sites and house numbers

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