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Vegetation, also known as flora, is the collection of all the plants found in a certain land.
The types of vegetation can be divided into trees - a plant with a trunk from which branches grow with leaves And the bushes, which also have a stem, but their height is low . Plants without a stem are called grasses or grass .

Flowers are the crowning glory of the plant world: they are actually the reproductive organ of the plants, and come in colorful and spectacular forms in order to attract insects that transport the pollen to distant places

Botanical gardens
In botanical gardens there are concentrations of plants that are usually scattered over a large area, or are not found at all in the area where the botanical garden is located.
Unlike plants in nature, the plants in the botanical garden are cataloged by signs that indicate details about the plant (name, scientific name, distribution areas, class, etc.).

On the site you can find the following botanical gardens:
- Tel Aviv Orchard - fruit tree orchard from Israel and other places
- Ecological Botanical Garden - Abu Kabir (Tel Aviv University)
- Tel Aviv - Independence Park

Rishon Lezion:
- The Village Park - an old garden that has existed since 1884

- The Mac and Tibby Podel Discovery Tree Walk - The Hebrew University, Givat Ram Campus

Ramat Gan:
- The National Park

Mafra - Tapada - Hunting Park

United States
San Francisco - The Botanical Garden

Commemoration through trees
Many times people or groups are immortalized through the planting of trees bearing their name, when in many cases the person immortalized also plants the tree bearing their name.
For example, you can find trees planted by Haim Herzog , Abraham Beame (Mayor of New York) , Albert Einstein , Elsa Einstein and more
Sometimes the trees are planted in the gardens where the personalities used to stay, for example Henrietta Szold , Shimon Peres

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