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2526 Jerusalem - Heritage Sites in Israel - Goldsmith House
Ha-Rav Avida St 1, Jerusalem, Israel
2527 Tel Hashomer Hospital- Sculpture Garden - "A couple in a Sardine.." Beny Levy outdoor sculpture
Tel Hashomer hospital, Ramat Gan, Israel
2528 Tel Aviv - Heritage Sites in Israel - The Founders well
Emek Brakha St 48, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
2529 Hadera - The eucalyptus track - The Great Synagogue
HaGiborim St 74, Hadera, Israel
2530 Jerusalem - Heritage Sites in Israel - "Beit Harav"
HaRav Kuk St 9, Jerusalem, Israel
2531 Tel Hashomer Hospital - "Modeh Ani Lefanecha" Uri Lifshitz outdoor sculpture
Tel Hashomer hospital, Ramat Gan, Israel
2532 Rome - Obelisk of Montecitorio
Piazza di Monte Citorio, 1, 00186 Roma RM, Italy
2533 Jerusalem - Heritage Sites in Israel - Immigration Department
Heleni ha-Malka St 9, Jerusalem, Israel
2534 Kiryat Ono - Warning about handling dog poo
Rothschild St 13, Kiryat Ono, Israel
2535 Ramat Hasharon - Sculpture Garden - "Face to face with father" Outdoor sculpture by Zvi Lachman
Sderot Weizman 18, Ramat HaSharon, Israel
2536 Neta’im - A monument to the fallen
Hityashvut ha-Elef St 11, Neta’im, Israel
2537 London - Great Northern Railway Goods Yard
1-3 Stable St, Kings Cross, London N1C 4AA, UK
2538 Jerusalem - The Built Heritage - Sergei Building
Heleni ha-Malka St 13, Jerusalem, Israel
2539 Azor - Archaeological Garden - Wooden beam and weights squeezing device
Ha-Histadrut St 11, Azor, Israel
2540 Sde Warburg - Founders Avenue
Derech HaHadarim 64, Sde Warburg, Israel
2541 Kfar Vitkin - The first well
Local Council/HaKfar Road, Kfar Vitkin, Israel
2542 Jerusalem - The Built Heritage - Zoology Department Building
Safra Square 4, Jerusalem
2543 Petah Tikva - Historical Sites - The Lemon-scented Eucalyptus
Shapira St 6, Petah Tikva, Israel
2544 Kfar Malal - The Founders house
Ein Hai/HaTsanhanim, Kfar Malal, Israel
2545 Ashkelon - Outdoor sculpture by Uri Dushy
Yerushalayim Boulevard/Yitshak Rabin Boulevard, Ashkelon, Israel
2546 Gan Yavne - a monument to IDF casualties
Herzl St 42, Gan Yavne, Israel

The ultimate street signs and house numbers site

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