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2951 Neve Yarak - Heritage Sites in Israel - Mixture Institute
HaShaked St 1, Neve Yarak, Israel
2952 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Discovery Tree Walk - Siberian Elm
Givat Ram, Jerusalem, Israel
2953 Rehovot - Bitzurit (fortification) - a two-rifle guard post
HaYasmin St 13, Rehovot, Israel
2954 Bnei Atarot - Heritage Sites in Israel - The School
HaRishonim St, Bnei Atarot, Israel
2955 Tel Aviv - Lola Beer Ebner Sculpture Garden - "Animal" - Dov Feigin
Tel Aviv Museum, 27 Shaul Hamelech Blvd., Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
2956 Rehovot - Heritage Sites in Israel - Ayalon Institute - Conference hall
David Fikes St 1, Rehovot, Israel
2957 London - Kingly Court - Poetry and literature - A poem by Felix Dennis
Kingly St, Carnaby, London W1B 5PW, UK
2958 Hadera - Historical photos - The water pool
HaGiborim St 50, Hadera, Israel
2959 Jerusalem - Nahalat Shiva - two outdoor sculptures by Moshe Shek
Yo’el Moshe Salomon St 8, Jerusalem, Israel
2960 Tel Hashomer Hospital - "Two Angels" Dina Merhav outdoor sculpture
Tel Hashomer hospital, Ramat Gan, Israel
2961 Kiryat Ono - Founders’ Square
HaMeyasedim St 10, Kiryat Ono, Israel
2962 Ramat Hasharon - Marking the struggle for Hebrew labor
Ha-Meyasdim St 63, Ramat Hasharon, Israel
2963 Shefayim - Shefayim Trail - Well A
Shefayim, Israel
2964 Givat Hen - entrance sign to the moshav
Paamey Aviv 1, Givat Hen, Israel
2965 Netanya - Sergeant’s Grove - Map of the grove
HaPark Road/University, Netanya, Israel
2966 Yarkona - Heritage Sites in Israel - Yarkona-border settlement
HaPardes St 10, Yarkona, Israel
2967 Netanya - Sergeant’s Grove - Rare plants 1
HaPark Road/University, Netanya, Israel
2968 Ganei Am - entrance sign to the moshav
HaBanim St 25, Ganei Am, Israel
2969 Tel Aviv - "Sculpture" - Outdoor sculpture by Miriam Chalfi
Dubnov St 25 (Dubnov Garden), Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
2970 Netanya - Sergeant’s Grove - Rare plants 2
Dganya/Klauzner, Netanya, Israel
2971 Netanya - Sergeant’s Grove - Animals in the grove
Alonim/Dganya Road, Netanya, Israel
2972 Kfar Bara - Sign for the entrance to the local council
Salah Aldin St, Kafr Bara, Israel
2973 Netanya - Sergeant’s Grove - Trees and afforestation
Alonim/Dganya Road, Netanya, Israel
2974 Netanya - Sergeant’s Grove - Moist Habitat (Winter Pool)
Winter puddle - the sergeant’s grove, Alonim St 8, Netanya, Israel
2975 Netanya - Sergeant’s Grove - Crabs in the pool
Winter puddle - the sergeant’s grove, Alonim St 8, Netanya, Israel

The ultimate street signs, historical sites and house numbers site

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