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The ultimate street signs, historical sites and house numbers

There are 18 signs in the city Rotterdam:       Show on map Thumbnails mode

1 Rotterdam - the Schielandshuis
Korte Hoogstraat 27-31, 3011 GK Rotterdam, Netherlands
2 Rotterdam - Statue of William IV Graaf van Henegouwen
Korte Hoogstraat 27-31, 3011 GK Rotterdam, Netherlands
3 Rotterdam - a warning against tying a bicycle in the shape of a street name sign
Eendrachtsstraat 41, 3012 XH Rotterdam, Netherlands
4 Rotterdam - Preservation Buildings - The house where Fortuyn lived - Mayor of Rotterdam
Heemraadssingel 261, 3023 CE Rotterdam, Netherlands
5 Rotterdam - A statue in memory of Hendrik Tollens
Kievitslaan 25, 3016 CG Rotterdam, Netherlands
6 Rotterdam - corner of Wulpstraat and Nachtegaalplein streets
Wulpstraat 5C, 3082 MJ Rotterdam, Netherlands
7 Rotterdam - Public toilets
Beursplein 37, 3011 AA Rotterdam, Netherlands
8 Rotterdam - Commendation for Trompenburg Gardens
Formele Tuin, Honingerdijk 86, 3062 NX Rotterdam, Netherlands
9 Rotterdam - Memorial plaques (Stolpersteine) for the Bremer family
Nieuwe Binnenweg 194-A, 3021 GK Rotterdam, Netherlands
10 Rotterdam - The Old Jewish cemetery
Vondelweg 103H, 3031 PV Rotterdam, Netherlands
11 Rotterdam - marking the line of fire of the Rotterdam bombing
Boezemweg 21, 3031 BR Rotterdam, Netherlands
12 Rotterdam - Playing Bears - Outdoor sculpture by Anne Grimdalen
Lijnbaan 53, 3012 EL Rotterdam, Netherlands
13 Rotterdam - a commemorative statue for the people of Rotterdam who fell in WWII
Stadhuisplein 1b, 3012 AR Rotterdam, Netherlands
14 Rotterdam - Delfshaven - Achterwater Street
Achterwater 3B, 3024 RD Rotterdam, Netherlands
15 Rotterdam - Delfshaven - Bag carrier’s house and Kraanhuis
Voorstraat 13, 3024 RS Rotterdam, Netherlands
16 Rotterdam - Delfshaven - Piet Heynstraat Street
Piet Heynstraat 8, 3024 RK Rotterdam, Netherlands
17 Rotterdam - Delfshaven - Wijdesteeg Street
Wijdesteeg 5, 3025 HZ Rotterdam, Netherlands
18 Rotterdam - Delfshaven - Picture of the painter Kees van Dongen while painting
Aelbrechtskolk 13, 3025 HA Rotterdam, Netherlands

The ultimate street signs, historical sites and house numbers

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