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Archeology - the meaning of the name in Greek is the theory of antiquity, it is the scientific field that studies the human past by analyzing remains from the past.

Archaeological finds can be visible and on the surface, especially if they were created a few hundred years ago. For example, forts and castles that stand to this day , But in many cases, especially when it comes to very ancient finds, the items are underground, and excavations are necessary to uncover them , .

In many cases, archaeological sites have remains from different periods, which are layer upon layer, each layer from a different period, for example in Tel Afeq - Antipatris

Archaeological findings in Israel

Israel, known as the source of Jewish and Christian culture, is full of archaeological sites. Archaeological expeditions went to the Land of Israel to investigate it, when the research boom began in the 19th century and continued to this day. A well-known expedition is the expedition of the American Edward Robinson, who uncovered the Shiloh Hole, discovered Keshet Robinson, excavated at Givat Titorah and more.

The Antiquities Authority
The Antiquities Authority is the body responsible on behalf of the State of Israel for archaeological sites and archaeological excavations. The authority provides permits for excavations, and maintains sites where antiquities are found.

Archaeological sites located on the site

United Kingdom:
- London - London Wall
- Oxford Oxford Castle
- Chipping Norton - burial circle (2,500 BC)
Ecuador - Ingapirca - a site where you can learn about the Inca culture
Italy - Florence - Porta alla Croce
United States - Boston - Remains of a ship from the 19th century
Spain - Vic - Roman temple from the first century AD
- Chania (Crete) - the Byzantine wall , excavations from the 14th century AD , the Greek-Swedish excavations
- Rhodes - Church of the Virgin Mary of the Burgh (14th century)
Cyprus - Nicosia - Famagusta Gate
Austria - Vienna - Bathing facilities of the Roman legion camp (first century AD) , The Braun Bastion (section of the Vienna fortifications - 16th century)
France - Paris - the remains of the Bastille
- Lisbon - City walls (12th century)
- Cascais - line of fortifications (17th century) , the old castle (medieval)
Netherlands - Willemstad (17th century)
Slovakia - Trenčín - A record of pavement paving that was still in place in 1659
- Tel Aviv - Givat Hill - a burial cave from the period of the Kings of Judah
- Tel Aviv - Tell Quadadi - remains from the 7th and 8th centuries AD
- Tel Aviv - Gat Garden - winepress from the Hellenistic period
- Maon - Synagogue from the sixth century AD
- Azor - an archaeological garden where finds from ancient times are displayed , as well as the Chateau de Plan fortress from the 9th century AD
- Apollonia - a site with findings from the 6th century AD, but mainly buildings from the time of the Crusaders in the 13th century AD ,
- Ashdod - Ashdod-yam citadel - built in the seventh century AD, and later rebuilt during the time of the Crusaders (13th century AD)
- Emmaus Nicopolis (Latron) - a Roman provincial city from the third century AD
- Modi’in - Givat Titorah - findings from many periods starting from the tenth millennium BC
- Modi’in - Neot Kedumim Park - findings from the Second Temple period and after
- Jerusalem - Herod’s Tomb , burial caves on the campus of the Hebrew University in Givat Ram , Jason’s Tomb
- Tel Dan - findings from the ninth century BC
- Tel Afek (Rosh Ha’Ein) - historical layers starting from the fourth millennium BC
- Avdat - a Nabatean city founded in the third century BC , Shivta - another Nabatean city on the Incense Route
- Acre - Templar tunnel
- Tel Megiddo - Cities that existed from the third to the first millennium BC - World Heritage Site

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The ultimate street signs, historical sites and house numbers

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