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Animals are multicellular creatures that consume oxygen, have the ability to move and reproduce.

A very rough distinction can divide the animals into the following groups:
Insects: The group with the largest number of items, in which you can find beetles, bees, butterflies, flies and more

Mammals: Animals that usually give birth to their offspring, and are characterized by mammary glands with which they nurse the newborns.
They usually live on land and have 4 legs, but they can also be found in the sea ("Whale" Click for a larger image)

Birds: Animals capable of flight. Usually covered in feathers, and bipedal. They can be seen in birds , ducks , roosters and more.

Fish: Animals that live in the sea, and have the ability to swim. are also characterized by the fact that they absorb the oxygen from the water through gills

Zoos and animal corners
Animals usually live in the wild. In a zoo there are many species of animals, usually not in their natural environment, this is to introduce them to the visiting public and for research purposes. ,

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