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Oxford - Oxford Castle - Archaeology, the Castle Ditch Ingapirca - Restoration of the archaeological complex Tel Aviv - Hill Sqaure Jerusalem - Mosaic of the ancient synagogue in Maon Azor - The Citadel of the Plain - Chateau de Plan Azor - Archaeological Garden - Daily life in the Land of Israel in ancient times Azor - Archaeological Garden - The crunching facility Azor - Archaeological Garden - Pressure surface of Oil mill Tel Aviv - Tell Quadadi Azor - Archaeological Garden - Wooden beam and weights squeezing device Azor - Archaeological Garden - Squeezing device beam and screw Azor - Archaeological Garden - Screw extruder base in the winepress Tel Aviv - Gat Garden - Hellenistic winepress Beit Eitab National Park - Ein Hawd Apollonia (Tel Arsuf) Apollonia - the fortress of the Crusader city - Arsur Apollonia - The Crusader Town Wall Apollonia - The Keep Apollonia - The Fortress’s Fortifications Ashdod - The Ashdod-Yam Fortress Ashdod - The Ashdod-Yam Fortress - The Wells Ashdod - The Ashdod-Yam Fortress - Bathhouse Ashdod - The Ashdod-Yam Fortress - The Mosque Revadim - The Philistine Street Bravdo Winery - Gezer Plate Vineyard Eshkol Park - A Royal Egyptian Way Station Ayyalon-Canada Park Emmaus Church Emmaus Nicopolis - The southern apse Emmaus Nicopolis - Ruins of the Bishop’s House Emmaus Nicopolis - Baptistry Chapel Emmaus Nicopolis - Roman bathhouse The tombs of the Maccabees Emmaus Nicopolis -Burial caves Emmaus Nicopolis - Winepress for wine treading Emmaus Nicopolis - Northern Byzantine Basilica with a Baptistery Chapel Emmaus Nicopolis - the city on the map of Madaba Modi’in - Giv’at HaTitora - Archaeological Garden Modi’in - Giv’at HaTitora - The crunching facility Modi’in - Giv’at HaTitora - Beam and weights press Modi’in - Givat Titura (2) Qaqun National Park Modi’in - Giv’at HaTitora - Direct pressure screw extruder Modi’in - Giv’at HaTitora - Trough and water basins Modi’in - Giv’at HaTitora - The link of the mouth of the Cistern Modi’in - Giv’at HaTitora - The Water Modi’in - Giv’at HaTitora - Architecture Modi’in - Giv’at HaTitora - The fort Jerusalem - Jerusalem - Herod’s Cave Tel Dan Nature Reserve Tel Dan Nature Reserve - from what is happening in the reserve

The ultimate street signs, historical sites and house numbers site

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